Friday, June 26, 2009

Happens To Anyone

I'm not a celebrity hound. Don't pay attention to that kind of stuff at all. In fact Mom and I have had a lot of discussions about me blasting those shows that all they do is gossip about celebrities and their lives. But last night we watched the Farrah special on ABC.

I did not know her son was an addict. They said he is currently in jail, drug of choice, heroin. A few years ago I remember the stuff about Carroll O'Conner's (Archie Bunker) son and his death from drugs. Then Mr. O'Conner pretty much devoted the rest of his life to trying to get dealers put in jail.

No matter how famous you are or how average you are this scourge can attack you. It is apparent fame and riches is no insulator to the pain of an addicted child. It was apparent in that special last night Farrah and Ryan O'Neal were dealing with the same issues as we blog about on here. The pain, the disappointment and the heartache rips at us all regardless of stature or means. That was the pain I saw last night so vividly. We all lose loved ones, death is a part of life. However, the special pain a parent feels with an addicted child is universal. More than just watching the TV, I could hear the sorrow in their voice and see it in their face when they spoke of that pain.

It is too bad we share that kinship.


Gin said...

I saw that too and the pain on their face was almost too much to handle. Even when they were trying to be brave it was there. I was so sad for everyone that is going through that type of pain. I was thinking of you two last night.

Tall Karen said...

I watched a special documentary that she did while I was on a long flight recently. It was about her cancer, so she could help others who were going through similar experiences. They allowed her son to get out of jail to come visit her...complete with an armed guard escort. It was very touching, but also very sad. She handled so many burdens in her life with such grace and dignity.

Lou said...

Yes, the feelings and pain are universal.

I have a problem with this FF special. Your son or my son would not be allowed to visit us, even on our deathbed. See my post tomorrow--there are no exceptions made for those with cancer who are not Hollywood stars.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Only a parent who has been there can understand the depth of the pain, the worry, the frustration. And you are right - addiction does not play favorites, it happens to all sorts of people in all walks of lives. Lou is also right, I don't think they would let my son out of jail to see me if I had cancer....but I don't know, maybe they would????

Speaking of my son - he really is in jail. Not sure if you saw that or not. I finally know how it feels to have an incarcerated child. There are a lot of emotions that go with it....I try to focus on the fact that he's relatively safe and hopefully drug free.

Madison said...

I hope that you have a blessed life in spite of your son's illness. My wish when thinking about jail is that institutions were packed with drug dealers swinging upside down from ropes next to doctors who write prescriptions for narcotics to addicts.

Syd said...

The pain of dealing with an addiction is universal. And it can just about kill the family without any other disease being present. I am sure that the stress of her son didn't help her illness any.