Sunday, June 14, 2009

Butt Sore

I am off riding. Tonight I am in Chattanooga TN. I left on Friday and since then I have added 1100 miles to my bike.

Started off going to Springfield MO and Russellville AR to visit some cousins. It rained on me for about 40 miles. I had some really good visits. I have some good supportive relatives. I spent the night in Springfield and went to Russellville on Saturday. The Arkansas hills are something else, some of the curves had 20 mph signs. 

I went on to Memphis TN on Saturday and went to Beale St. Dinner of Memphis style ribs. They were good but I think I still like KC style BBQ better. Went to BB Kings nightclub and it was good. Although the crowd was mixed I still felt older than most. Beale St is quite an experience on Saturday night. Huge crowds and lots of drinking.

Left Memphis Sunday morning and it was raining and it rained for over 100 miles. I almost turned around but stuck it out. Went to Big Oak Boys Ranch and they have quite an operation. Didn't get to see John Croyle but spoke for quite a while to one of the house counselors.

In the morning it is time to begin heading west. It has been a long trip but nice and head clearing. Lots of time to think cruising. No real conclusions, I haven't been able to answer any of my questions but I have spent time clarifying the questions and that always helps. 


Lou said...

I like the title!


Hey, anything that helps clarify our questions is very good. glad you had a nice ride.

clean and crazy said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend to me.

Brother Frankie said...

cruising is awesome. keeps me sober. thanks for sharing the ride.