Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Heading Home

I am in a small coffee shop in Benton Illinois. It is so much better than some McDonald's. That is one thing I have never understood. How people will sell out their neighbor for a dime. I'd like to challenge every single person that reads this blog to go out and visit a local merchant. Buy something you could get at a Walmart or some other big chain. Tell that merchant thank you for investing in your community and go back again and again. There are restaurants, hardware stores, garden centers, clothing shops just about anything you need. Try it you will like it. 

This ride has been very good. Head clearing and thought provoking. Dad's got to change for dad's own good. Alex is a child in a mans body. His illness has hurt him but he won't get better being treated as a child. Dad has to be a father when the time is right and needed but more important dad must be a counselor and maybe one day grow to be a mentor if he chooses me as one. This changes a lot of things and it will be tough to change my behavior but it is worth doing. As I have said in the past:

I am aware.      I must change.


Lou said...

Dad (and Mom), you are open to every idea. You are willing to listen, to read, to think over other's opinions, to be in touch with your intuition and trust that.

There is nothing else to do right now.

clean and crazy said...

i feel you are on the right path, it is ok though to make mistakes, that is how we learn. we don't just know what to do. hang in there

Gin said...

Dad, I am stuck with a husband that is a child on the inside living in a man's body. When I finally stopped trying to get the child inside of him to grow up I finally started to have some peace. It is hard as hell to just let it be and let go, but I have learned it is the only way. I choose to focus my energy on myself and my kids and we are all much happier as a result. I am glad to hear the trip is going well. Sounds fun!

Syd said...

I have heard that alcoholics stop growing at the time their addiction takes hold. There are a lot of children out there in adult bodies.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Yes, a child in an adult's body - that is my son too. I can't even talk about him right now I am so devastated today.

I like what you said about local merchants. I go to a family owned pharmacy and love the fact that they know all the regular customer's by name.

GG said...

Good for you. Sounds as if you've had a refreshing, attitude-adjusting trip, good for mind and soul.

I agree with you about shopping with local merchants and do so 98% of the time. There's nothing like going shopping or going out to eat and encountering old friends at the same time.

I agree with Syd that alcoholics/addicts stop growing when the addiction takes hold. It seems to be true to me and my experience. There are probably a lot of Adult Children of some kind or other addiction in today's world. I think your son lucky to have such a caring mom and dad. Hope he realizes it some day. Hang in.


Glad you had a good time on the trip. I worked union for 30 years as well as my 2 Dads, so I always shop locally. I have never been in a Walmart except as far as the greeter one time 20 years ago. So glad to see you spreading the word around.

I also agree about the child in the man's body situation. Streetwise they (our addicts) are probably wise way beyond their years, but commonsense wise and responsible I feel our son is about the same age as just after he started using. Does not have great social skills in one on one situations.