Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sweaty and Dirty

My son seems to be doing ok out in the plant. It has been very hot and humid here in KC and our plant is not air conditioned, he gets hot and dirty. I have been buying him lunch because the sack lunch they send with them from the center is just normal jail food and not very good. He seems to appreciate that. He is getting along with the other guys and pulls his weight.

He got another job too. He leaves here and goes to work at The Sonic. He says it's better to work all the time than to sit in jail. Gets back to the center about 11pm and back in our plant for starting at 7am. He's young he can handle it. I did those kind of things all the time when I was that age, 12-16 hours was normal. I loved that overtime.

Change of Direction

A couple of blogs we read very closely because they are so close to our situation.

These are loving parents that are feeling much pain tonight. Please think of them and I know we all wish them the best.



Sounds like things are looking up. Glad to hear you remember the girls that you're a Dad to too!
A second job is a good thing......... keeps one busy (remember the old saying about idle hands?)

Lou said...

You're darn right he can handle it! Wear 'em out, it's a good as strategy as any Dad.

Gin said...

I'm with Lou. The busier he stays the better!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for lifting my family up with your post That's good that you son has structure in his life. It will keep him busy. My son is trying to get a second job, but they don't come easily. I think of your family every morning, as I pray for ur kids.

clean and crazy said...

i love it, i hope he continues keeping busy and appreciating you.

Tall Karen said...

And for today, he has been graced with sobriety. There is much to be grateful for.

Syd said...

I've always heard when I got busy I got better. Hope that is his mantra too.

ChaiLatte said...

This is great news and you deserve good news! I'm always following your blog and keeping all of you in my prayers. I hope Alex is feeling pride in his hard work and seeing that there is more to life than drugs.

I really appreciate your support, Mom & Dad. You have your own worries and struggles, yet you reach out and take others (me!) under your wing and I can't thank you enough. A very selfless act on your part.

Please just know that you ARE helping others,

kristi said...

My brother just got out of prison and I am holding my breath that he behaves. He is in Montana and I don't hear from him much. He has hepatitis c from using drugs.