Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Updates on a Busy Weekend and Week

The good news is that my brother is home and looks well. Had a minor stroke after the surgery but he is up walking and I'm sure real soon he's going to be back to being a real pain in the ass but we sure do appreciate having that pain around. Good job Bro!

I didn't mention before that my brother is a fireman. He does a lot of cooking at the station, those guys at the station better get ready, I'm sure the menu may be changing when he gets back to the station.

"Under The Influence" begins its run tomorrow. I purposely have not ask the teachers a bunch of details about the play. I am anxious to see it and experience live. We are all excited about the events scheduled before and after. Mom and daughter both are joining me at the table to talk to people that want info. Our oldest daughter is a nurse and is out of town, in New York and traveling to Indiana on a business trip. She so wanted to be part of this we are going to set up a small table with a computer for people to have a chance to, "Skype With A Nurse".

In the past I had business cards that were just homemade and I printed them on Office Depot tear sheets that I have used for my presentations in the past. For this we broke down and ordered professionally printed cards and I had two banners made for the front of our table. One with our blog title and web address and one with The Partnership logo.

One thing I really hate doing is throwing away money. So I expect anyone reading this to be at attendance for at LEAST one presentation. You have 3 chances, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7pm each night. Honestly, can you think of a better date night?


Syd said...

I am glad that your brother is doing well. Yes, it will be a major life change if he so chooses to do that. I hope that he will. Good luck with the play. Wish that I could be there.

Annette said...

LOL...Ron. I don't think you threw your money away! You are doing so much. Good for you! I wonder how many lives you have changed or affected with your message... I am sure a lot! I am blessed to "know" you. :o)

Glad your brother is recuping well.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly said!

Momma said...

Glad your brother came out of surgery ok. Man, I wish I could be there for the play. Thank you for doing what you do!

Barbara said...

Good news about your brother. I wish I could be there this weekend, we want a FULL REPORT afterwards. Did you ever imagine that one of the impacts you would make on the world would be related to drug abuse/addiction? I think its great.

Dad and Mom said...


No never did I dream I would be involved in this, "cause de jour".