Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Under The Influence

Under The Influence

A Drama About Co-Dependency
Ron Parker

Presented by Basehor Linwood High School
March 31, April 1, and April 2
at 7:00 pm

Topics Covered:
Alcohol abuse, neglect and abuse due to drug and alcohol addiction, sniffing glue, speed, steroid abuse, the results of drug use during pregnancy, and drunk driving... but above all else, the play is about how the effects of drug and alcohol addiction reaches beyond the user and affects other people as well.

Pre and Post Performance Resources Needed:
If interested in participating in pre-or post-performance discussion, please contact Basehor Linwood High School at 913-724-2266 or e-mail Rebecca Knowles at .

Tom over at Recovery Help Desk has ask me to post info on a survey he is conducting for recovery moms with a child addicted to opiates and pain killers. You can go straight to the survey here: Recovery Mom's Survey 2011 .


Annette said...

Wait...your putting on a play? Wow Ron! How creative. Seriously.

Dad and Mom said...

Annette, It is the school putting on the play. I am just taking part in the programs before and after.

parent of addict said...

no dad's allowed on the survey?? is he strictly looking for the "female" demographic?


Dad and Mom said...

The way I understand Tom he is searching for mothers.

parent of addict said...

that is fine... hope all is well ...