Thursday, May 21, 2009

Woodworking, Misc

Thought I'd just put a few random pics of other woodworking projects. I should have been taking pics of other all my stuff but I just started doing this when I got a digital camera a couple years ago.

Fish Chair

My cousin's husband ask me to build this. He said my cousin really liked one of these they saw in Florida but could not bring it back. He wanted one to give her on her birthday. All I had was a picture to go on to build this chair. I used some of the same scale for this chair as my other Adirondack chairs but I had to change the back to being straight and the sitting area to be flat also. The tail of the fish is a separate piece that is curved for comfort and can be moved as a footrest. My cousin chose the color, the pinkish color name was salmon, a fitting color name for the piece I suppose.


A friend at work was telling me that his fireplace mantel was just a couple boards laid across bricks. I told him that would never do, so I explained that a fireplace mantel is really just a series of boxes joined together with trim moulding added. He was sceptical so one Saturday he came over to my house we built him a simple mantel for his fireplace. In about 4 hours we had constructed this oak mantel for him.


This is a sample of the cabinets I have built for my garage. Got tired of all my crap sitting on open shelves. Truth is I could probably build an entire garage of these cabinets and still have crap sitting around. One day I'm going to get organized. LOL


This is my workbench in my shop. It has a 3.5" solid wood top of maple and D yellow pine. It is edged with maple pinned with dowels. The legs are 4.25" square, solid yellow pine, along with the stretchers being solid 3"x 5". The 2 dark lines in the top are purpleheart. This has a dual purpose, they provide a nice decorative element but they are also 2 permanent straightedges built right into the workbench. The base is constucted with all thru tenon wedged jointry, it is built to last. Square benchdogs run the length of the bench. Needless to say this sucker is heavy, but it needs to be.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Get out of here!!!!! That chair is amazing! I think you need a manager to sell your stuff for you. That is the cutest chair I've ever seen. Let me know when you're ready to go into business :)

Cindy said...

What a gift you've been given! Awesome that you use it! Keep it up, it helps us cope when we use our own gifts.

Brother Frankie said...

i want the workbench..

good work my friend.

BTW i have been praying for ya these past months.

Brother Frankie
A Biker for Christ