Thursday, May 28, 2009

6 Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy

We got tagged to make this list so we'll try. Dad's doing three and Mom's doing three. You can try and guess who's is who's. The rule is we are suppose to tag 6 more people to make a list. So here goes.

1.  Laying on the beach looking at the horizon and seeing the different shades of blue water.

2.  Getting to the office and seeing the birds and squirrels I feed outside my window waiting for their breakfast at the edge of the window.

3.  Holding my grandbaby.

4.  Smelling fresh cut wood.

5.  Crisp fall air and the changing colors of leaves.

6.  A rumble under my seat. 

Tag you're it:


mother of drug addict said...

I see the first 3 as mom's and the second 3 as dad's! great things!

Dad and Mom said...

Mom's 3 are the odd number ones.

Dad's 3 are the even numbered ones.

clean and crazy said...

what an awesome list.