Thursday, May 7, 2009

Woodworking, Adirondack Chairs

My chair obsession.

When we began to be aware of our son's using and how bad it became I seriously retreated into my shop. I'd do anything just to keep from being around him. Mom ask me to make her a couple of Adirondack chairs. I was on it in a flash.

I don't like just buying a plan and cutting boards to a material list so I have a need to make it my own. I studied several plans and along time ago I had some education in human ergonomics. I wanted a chair that contacted the body in the maximum amount of points to lessen the pounds per square inch on any possible contact spot. It may sound crazy but I got into it so much I was doing mock ups and measuring my own body curves and just being obsessive. I figured I was an ideal typical specimen, slightly overweight old guy.

But it worked. When people first see the chairs I am often ask about cushions for the seats. I make them sit in them and everyone has said these don't need cushions. The seat is at an angle that it contacts you all the way from the butt to the calves of your legs. The seat's form matches the typical curvature of your thigh to leg. The back is curved to match the back curvature at your shoulders and lower back. So without holding a straight stiff back, just relaxing normally the back or the chair contacts your back at the maximum amount of contact points. The angle of the chair back and seat is 17 degrees which puts you body in a naturally relaxing position without being too reclined as to not being comfortable.

The first picture is the original chair. It has no finish on it because Mom was still deciding what she wanted it to look like. The 2 white chairs were a couple I made for my brother. After that was when I found out I had a problem with saying no. The next picture was 8 more of them along with a baby one and tables just cobbled together out of scraps. To date I have made 26 of these chairs. Good thing I made pattern boards.

If any of you watch The New Yankee Workshop with Norm Abrams it is one of those woodworking shows that we wood nuts record. I sent in a picture of my original chair and he has it posted on his website along with a lot of other New Yankee projects.
ps.: In the background you can see what my kids call another of my obsessions, my koi pond.


Annette said...

Do you do shipping?? :o) Because I have been wanting two Adirondacks for our back deck. You are amazing! Those are beautiful!! Again, I find myself envious and full of admiration. How rewarding to be able to create something beautiful out of wood.

Gin said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You are extremely talented! Mom is one lucky lady!

Syd said...

They are great. I have two on the back deck. And I like the koi pond as well.

Cindy said...

always wanted one, these are beautiful, and inviting.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

DUDE! These chairs are awesome! Obviously the people at Norm Abram's show agree! You could make a ton of money selling these!

ChaiLatte said...

Your obsessions are beautiful!! Awesome job!!

Fishwhiskers said...

Beautiful chairs indeed! You're very talented! Hope things with your son are improving.