Friday, May 8, 2009

Someone Else Needing Help

ChaiLatte has been writing me about her 21 year old son who is a heroin addict and currently "couch surfing". She has now started her own blog. If you get a chance look it over and if you have anything for her I know she is open for help.


clean and crazy said...

on my way

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

It feels like an epidemic. I had no idea how prevalent this was till it struck my family.

Thanks for pointing the way to her, I will head over there. I may not be an expert like some of you but I sure can relate.

Laura said...

Loved the picture of the baby with you guys. Also enjoyed seeing how you have worked through your pain with beautiful items made of wood. My favorite is the Aron. . ., not sure how to spell it. I would like to sit on one right now over looking the beach and remember my little boy running and playing in the sand. All these addicts were like that at one time. How did we get here? How do we keep going from here. Our son will need start day 1 tomorrow as he had an issue last night despite possible prison looming over his head. He is very quiet, surly and not wanting to talk today as he has no car, no phone, and no computer. I find forcing the talk is like blowing in the wind. I have started in a group at our church called "Stand Up Parenting". It is a bunch of people with the same experiences just different names. I find it is more pertinent than Al-anon. Hang in there- and keep creating beautiful things. My dad, who died at 44, used to love to putz around with wood and leather so it makes me smile.