Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guarded Reality

The Oxford House he was interviewing for on Monday got filled before he got there. He has 2 more interviews on this Sunday.

It is easy to hope but hard to accept his behavior to get better. He is doing all the right things, saying all the right things and doing what he needs to do. Sometimes you feel like pinching yourself but we have been down this road before. I guess sometimes this is like a road trip, keep the destination in mind but be sure to enjoy the ride every mile you travel. Right now I feel like we are traveling a very nice road but, the destination is far away.

Even though from the past it is nearly impossible for me to believe him. However the most important thing I can do for him is to believe IN him. Last night I verbally said, "I believe in you, it is really important that you believe in yourself." "Do you believe in yourself?"

His answer was, "Yes"

With him trying to be serious about ending this we understand that our home is not a safe or easy place for him to live. I feel it is even more important for him to get to a clean living environment now more than ever. We understand that getting out of here now is on different conditions than when he is lying, stealing and using. It seems we are even more intent on getting him out of here and re-located now than when we wanted to just throw him out on his butt.


big Jenn said...

Make sure you take time for you while all this is happening. It will help you to be "there" for your son in a better way. I would be so worn out by my daughters illness that I would take my tiredness out on her without even realizing it. Then unhealthy dynamics between us would start. Just sayin'.

Dad and Mom said...

Jenn, we are trying. Mom and her sister along with our oldest daughter and her husband are going to Cozumel in April for 8 days. During that time I am staying here in the US, but I am taking a bike ride. Don't have a route. Think I'm going to head southward and go wherever the road looks interesting.

clean and crazy said...

hope and faith is all we have sometimes. do you have a local nar- anon there? I know in kansas there is only one around wichita, but I would gladly get you the number of a member if it would help.

Syd said...

I hope that he gets into a good place where he can work the program and be responsible. Take care of yourselves. It's easy to slip with so much anxiety going on.

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers and good wishes your way. I think about you all every day.

sKILLz said...

I hope everything works out and he gets in there and also works his program and does well.
My thing is you can go wherever, as long as you want to get clean and stay clean your going to do it no matter where you go.
You can go to the best of the best places, or the worst, as long as you TRULY want to get clean its going to happen. Again this is my opinion.

I think that's a good thing when you don't make your home just a crash pad for him. If he views it as that then I think he will take advantage and use it as much as he can.

I hope everything is working out for you and your family!
Stay Up!