Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome Distractions

The last 2 weekends I have been completely absorbed in a house my daughter and son-in-law (to be) are buying. It had been a foreclosure and was pretty rundown inside so we are redoing everything that needs to be done. The longer I work in this house the more I really like it. The layout is good and the family room ties with the dining room and kitchen to create a great social area. They are so lucky to get this house, without the housing collapse there would be no way they could have afforded something like this.

Another plus, that some may not see as a plus, is the city pool and park is directly behind them. It will be like they have a pool in their backyard without the maintenance and expense. Will be nice for our new granddaughter in a few years.

Working on this house is a distraction that keeps me very occupied and energized. My principal responsibility right now is the kitchen. I am a woodworking person by hobby. They must do this remodel on a very tight budget so I have stripped the oak cabinet face frames to bare wood. They had been painted white, terribly. The doors are worn out and I am trashing them. Next weekend I will begin making new cabinet doors and drawers for the entire kitchen. She wants oak in a shaker style door. The kitchen will look brand new when I am done. Another plus to work with is the previous people had come up with real wood butcher block counter tops. They had installed them wrong and originally they were not real counter tops. I am taking the questionable finish off of them and going to use them to build a real wood butcher block counter top for the island and real wood working station next to the pantry and oven. The working station will receive a natural mineral oil finish that is suitable for food contact and is what is used on cutting surfaces in kitchens. They ask if I can do a durable hard finish on the island to repel water and stuff so I will probably use a polyurethane. It will look like a bar top. My plan is to extend the island top out and I will turn some legs on my lathe. that will make it where add a couple small stools and it will be a good snack place.

I have been working with my brother-in-law and son-in-law. We are really getting things done. The girls are shopping, paint colors, fixtures, tile, carpet.

Son is still in jail, it would be nice to have his help but I am not sure he would be able to handle it, but he could always learn. At least this keeps my mind very occupied, it's a lot better than therapy. LOL


A Feast for the Eyes said...

I so understand how welcome distractions are. I've been praying for you-- and other kids who are in jail. I have not been blogging as much about my son. As of today, he tests clean. However, I feel like his addiction has permeated every room in my house and my life. Focusing on work, my hobbies and things that I enjoy is what I need to do. We cannot allow the addiction to consume our own lives. Sounds like you are doing something you love to do. It is good therapy.

cw2smom said...

What a project! But, I love taking something so rough and imagining the finished product! Glad you are keeping busy with something so rewarding for your family! May they enjoy many, many years of fun family time in their new home. Continued blessings to you all, Lisa

big Jenn said...

Thank You for the follow. Sounds like quite a project. Of course love the picture of the bike!
Addiction affects most everyone in some form or another,it will teach you things about yourself you would have never known otherwise.jeNN

Syd said...

Good for you. It helps to be busy and have something that you like to do. At least, that helps me when I'm anxious or having a difficult time. You sound like quite a wood worker.