Friday, February 6, 2009

Rants and Raves

On Craigslist they have a category titled Rants and Raves. That sounds pretty appropriate for some general get it off your chest stuff. Here are a few of mine from the top of my head.

The crimanal justice system is not effective for addicts. Punishment doesn't work when you are addicted. It seems to me that it costs more for society to continue a system of failure than to invest in methodolgies that stand a chance in helping the addict become clean. Methadone, Suboxone, Rehab and clean living centers cannot be as expensive as incarceration over and over and over again.

Addicts are incapable of learning from their mistakes. As a goal oriented person one of my life goals is to "make only new mistakes". Moving forward is impossible when you are re-taking the same ground because you didn't learn anyhting from the last time.

I read once on the internet that it is estimated only 1 in 8 oxycotin pills are used legitimately. Yea, I'm suspect of some of the "facts" on the internet too but if it is only half that many how much money are legitimate pharmaceutical companies making on the illegal drug trade.

The collect calls from jail are outrageously expensive. All it is a way for government to scam money from the relatives and loved ones of those incarcerated. 

These are just a few of my rants and raves. I've got a bunch, but enough for me right now. If you got a rant put it on here no matter your relationship to an addict or if your are an addict. Sometimes you just want to say it even if it doesn't help anything.


Auburn haired artist said...

I agree with all of your rants. Poeple who have never had a family member in the criminal justice system - I've HEARD that there are people like that - Have no idea how screwed up the "system" really is. They take for granted that all is humming right along and they don't really want to know otherwise. Unfortunately, those who DO know different, don't carry alot of clout.

Fractalmom said...

2 things occur to me.

1. Jails and prisons were made to hold people who break the law. Not to entertain them, not to help them, not to make them change, not to make them better. Simply put, to keep them off the streets and away from society. They are supposed to be treated in a humane manner, fed and housed. Period.

2. ...invest in methodolgies that stand a chance in helping the addict become clean. Methadone, Suboxone, Rehab and clean living centers...

None of those work unless and until the junkie WANTS to get and stay clean.

Methodologies are just that. Methods. They won't work if the person they are being applied to want them to work.

you cannot make a junkie not want to use. Ever. Even clean junkies, even clean junkie 20 years later STILL WANT TO USE.

The only thing that makes a junkie clean is occasionally, something makes them hit bottom. Then, and only then, (and bottom is a l o n g way down) will the junkie try to get and stay clean.

Most of them won't succeed the first, second, third, or even ninth or tenth time. There will be many relapses. They will be sorry for every one.

They will continue to promise sobriety, and actually mean it, for that moment in time.

All the promises won't stop them from using again either.

It's a vicious, mind eating, family destroying, heart rendering circle.

It hurts.

Syd said...

I can't think of any rants today. I guess my mind is too peaceful. I hope that you have a good Sunday.

A Feast for the Eyes said...

Fractal Mom has voiced man of my rants...many that I am still learning.

My biggest rant is our insurance-- Blue Shield. BS authorized 3 days of detox, only. 3 days! This is for a 20 year old kid who was snorting up to 1000 mg. of oxy a day... and smoking heroin, as much as he could get his hands on. 3 days! After that, I was welcome to pay $800 a day to help him get through detox. I'd like to have the BS folks WATCH an opiate addict go through withdrawals. They have no idea.

Finally, after fighting that my son's Type I diabetes put him at high risk... week after week of fighting, we got 30 days of detox/rehab for him.

Now, the battle begins again-- to get my son into an outpatient program. They are so incompetent, that it took 35 days for them to activate my son's insurance. We even faxed the cancelled checks.

So, my biggest RAVE-- insurance companies. Yes, I'm blessed to have it, while others don't. But they companies don't want to pay. They want to make a profit, while charging us $400.00 a month.

Lou said...

As the years go by, you will have many, many rants. At some point you will give up on the "system", and realize that if you choose to help your child you will have to advocate on their behalf. Well into their adult years.

Dad and Mom said...

Insurance, don't get me started. I am the group administrator for the companies I manage, currently 3 different companies. In the past I have been the director for HR that manages 100's of employees enrolled in insurance. The headaches are huge from the employer and the subscriber end.

Nothing makes sense in this system of insurance we have currently in this country. Costs for employer and employee are out of wack. Expenses for providers, and users are enough to break the system.

I'm not smart enough to have an answer, all I know is what we are doing now doesn't work.

HeatherK. said...

I read your blog and of course you are right, jails are not effective for addicts. Jails are effective at keeping people who do not want to stop using from hurting others and themselves. You can get clean in jail, NA meetings are there. Jails can be the first step to showing addicts the effects of their using, the reality of their using. Cost wise, jail is way less expensive then sending the addict to rehab after rehab before they are ready to quit using. Sometimes it takes many trips to jail before they get it. Sometimes they never do and we loose them. Neither is a good outcome. I feel your pain, wanting so desperately for there to be another answer to the problem. The shitty part is the only answer is in the addicts hands.
Much Love,

Dr. Lynn Burgess said...

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