Thursday, January 22, 2009

Introduction to the Drugs

Our first experience with drugs and our son was when he got caught shoplifting at Walmart in high school. He was 15 and got caught shoplifting a lighter. We had to go pick him up. At the time he seemed so sorry. But that began a journey through the legal system.

First as a juvenile he got transfer out of the jurisdiction in which he was caught and into the county in which we live. He eventually went to court and the one thing that I can say positive is that he has always owned up to anything he has done when he is in court. He admitted he did it to the judge and the judge give him 6 months of probation and he had to report to a juvenile services officer monthly and take a drug test each time.

On our first visit with the JSO we ask her about counseling. She recommended a counselor and immediately we set up an appointment. At this time all we knew was he had shoplifted a lighter and we wanted to get any help we could.

At the first meeting with the counselor it involved all of us together, he ask our son if he smoked marijuana. He admitted he did and we were shocked.

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Auburn haired artist said...

For several years we thought that we were dealing with an ADHD, impulsive child. At only 11 years old, the police came by our house to question our son about some questionable friends and and incident that they were involved in. That's when we discovered he had been exposed to and tried smoking Pot. 11 years OLD !!!! It's still hard to believe.