Friday, April 6, 2012

Waco, TX

I received this e-mail and am posting it for any of you that may be in the Waco, TX area.


I'm a reporter at KCEN TV in Waco, Texas. I'm currently working on a story about prescription drug abuse awareness and came across your blog. I was wondering if you could let your readers in the Waco, Temple, & Killeen, Texas area that I'm looking for a family to interview. I'm hoping they can tell me what it's like to help a loved one recover from prescription drug abuse or what the addiction can do to their loved one and family. You can tell your readers to e-mail me at

Thanks so much for any help you can provide,
Amanda Kenney

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R Johnson said...

All who bring awareness to prescription drug use which leads to abuse as well as those who offer compassionate and non-judgmental support to the many who are suffering with addictions are to be applauded. Your work brings a sense of hope into what otherwise seems a hopeless situation.