Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another School Presentation

On Friday I will again be talking to students at a local high school. This time it is Shawnee Mission West High School. I have four classes to present.

As an added twist to this one the local NBC station, KSHB 41 is sending a crew to cover it and Mark Klegg the anchorman is suppose to be there to interview me. Be sure to watch on Friday night and see me stick my foot in my mouth and generally come off as a fool.


Barbara said...

WOO HOO!!!! I can't wait to see it, will us non-Kansas folk be able to see in online somewhere?

Just be yourself! Obviously the kids love listening to you so don't think about the cameras.

Dad and Mom said...

Probably here:

Momma said...

I am so glad to hear this and appreciate you doing this. Hope to see it online. My son was asked to speak at the high school by his old principal, but he's having a hard time with that... Mainly because the principal kept asking him if he was clean and asking a bunch of what he thought were stupid questions. I'm staying out of it, but At least the principal is making an effort to understand addiction, even though my son might be offended by his ignorance. I kind of doubt my son will go through with this, he never really liked this principal... But then again he could surprise me and rise above that... We'll see...

Dad and Mom said...


Let it be your son's choice but make sure you as a good parent he knows what he is getting into.

Alex ask me if he could go to his old high school with me to talk one time. He was beyond fantastic BUT!!!!

He was very open and answered the questions from students. They listened like I have never seen kids listen. The teacher told me she got chills watching it. During the next hour he had to leave.

Alex was only 3 months clean at the time. It became overwhelming for him. Seeing his old teachers and saying Hi, then recognizing that some of these students were actually younger brothers and sisters of old friends from his age group. He just got overwhelmed with the sudden reality. He left and walked to his grandpas house about quarter mile from school. He didn't do anything bad he just got overwhelmed with the reality.

I learned there were things for him I never realized and actually he didn't realize until he was in the middle of it.

I got my fingers crossed your son talks to the students and everything goes really well. I have a feeling that he would be awesome for those students but he can't sacrifice himself.