Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bath Crashers

The excitement and anxiety is building. The weekend of May 5th we are planning to do a home version of Bath Crashers at my Mom's house. (this is the house I was raised in)

As many of you know from past posts my Mom has Alzheimer's. She is OK enough right now to stay at home but she is also getting more frail. The biggest issue is her bathroom. She lives in an old house built in the early 50's and the bathroom hasn't been changed since the house was built except for a little cosmetic tile and wallpaper. The weekend of May 5th Alex, my son-in-laws, brother, two nephews and myself are going to crash her bathroom. It will be expanded and made handicap accessible.

I've been working on the plans for a couple weeks and this weekend I am buying all the materials to have on hand like they do on TV so we can keep the project moving.

It's important that we get this done in the time we scheduled. The disruption for Mom that weekend is going to be pretty bad and I know she will be confused so Darlene and the girls are going to try and keep her occupied by going hairdresser and all those kind of "girl" things.

My philosophy is "All Hands On Deck", the more hands the better.


Annette said...

Bless your heart Ron. You wouldn't believe how many families I have worked for where the adult kids have pretty much abandoned their elderly parents. A safe bathroom is crucial for a little old person....good job Son. ;o)

Syd said...

Sounds like a great thing that you are doing for your mom. I know that she will appreciate it.

Barbara said...

Good for you! Take pictures! Your mom is blessed.