Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools Pranks

We all need a little humor in our miserable existence on this round ball hurtling aimlessly through a vast nothingness on a predestined path of fiery destruction. Now on that happy note let's hear about any April Fool's pranks you perpetrated or had foisted upon you yesterday.

Prank #1

One of the guys I work with posted on his Facebook page that as a joke he turned in his 2 week notice here at work. But his joke was taken serious so now he was out of a job in 2 weeks. All of his FB friends were agonizing for him all day and thought it was so terrible that the company would not take it as a joke and force him into living up to the resignation. He had been playing this all day and was getting a lot of humor from his friends misery about his pending unemployment.

So in the afternoon , I got a hold of the owner of the company and showed him this Facebook prank being played by one of our associates. I told the owner of the company to go out and play it up that he was sorry to see him go and he would be missed. he laid it on good. The original prankster didn't know what to believe. THE PUNK WAS PUNKED. LOL

Prank #2

When I got home from work last night I took a silly picture of myself sticking out my tongue. I took that picture and e-mailed it to several female friends. In the body of the e-mail I addressed the note to Darlene (Mom). I said I was goofing around and took some risque pictures of myself and I hope they are not too naughty. These are for your enjoyment. I hope you would return the favor with some naked pictures of yourself. Have fun.

Like I said I sent this picture and e-mail to about a half dozen women friends. About 10 minutes later I sent this EMERGENCY e-mail not to open the naked pictures of me to all those that got the first e-mail. I explained I clicked on the wrong mailing list and it went out to all of the women on my mail list. At the bottom of the e-mail after scrolling far down, I said, APRIL FOOLS.

One person returned an e-mail saying she was disappointed and was so looking forward to enjoying her evening with my pictures, but then it was a joke. Another just responded OMG, how much trouble are in at home.

(I better really be on guard next year.)

In the comments tell everyone about your April Fools jokes. We all need a chuckle.


Mom of Opiate Addict said...

Last year we convinced everyone at the business my husband owns that we were selling, had a new buyer and would be moving out of town within the next 2 months. We had so many people going, it was all over our small town by the end of the day. I love April Fools, too much fun;)

Barbara said...

RON! you are bad! That' last one was good, I may have to steal that concept and use if next year. The one you did at work - punking the punk - outstanding. I'm glad I don't have to be around you on April 1st!

I didn't play any but a male friend that I chat with often pulled one on me. He told he had to go away for business for a few days and one of the women assigned to the same meeting (that he had just met that day) seemed to be hitting on him and then she suggested they share a hotel room to "cut expenses". I was not jealous (ok, I was sort of) but I was infuriated and appalled and .... well I went on and on. Finally he said "April Fool". :)

Dad and Mom said...


Truth is I had your and Debby's e-mail on that "mailing list" but took it off right before I sent it because I figured I didn't know you guys well enough personally.

A Mom' Serious Blunder said...

You made my day! That was great!!! How come I didn't get the email? LOL

Garnet said...

A neighbor of mine is a great prankster. Once she hid her husband's motorbike behind our house, and then had a friend call, impersonating a police man. The policeman/friend said to the husband that the police had found his bike crashed up through the middle of a liquor store, and he better come down to the police station right now to explain himself. The husband ran outside, saw his bike was missing, and jumped in the car to go down to the station. When he was two minutes gone, my neighbor called her husband on his cell... April Fool's...

Her Big Sad said...

Oh you are too much! And, why wasn't I on that list!? Just kidding!

I escaped all the april fool's madness this year! It was a nice quiet day, but I'll take that, thank you very much!

Wishing you a great weekend with your family! Hope you get to hug on that granddaughter!!

Heather's Mom said...

You are too good! I can never think of any good April Fool's pranks... but onetime the local radio station got me... (YEARS AGO) when I was in college, the first day of the quarter was April 1st. The radio station "pranked" that it was daylight savings and did we all remember to set our clocks ahead?
So, I went to my second class first, thinking I missed my first class... sat in some crazy class trying to figure out how this could really be my new economics class??? So confused... figured it out about 10 minutes in... totally punked!

Syd said...

I did the old "where is the paperclip" routine: xerox a bunch of pages with a paperclip on it and put those pages in the machine. People will then think there is a clip somewhere in the machine.

Your jokes were good, especially the photo joke.

clean and crazy said...

man i need to do an april fools trick!! i haven't had a good muse for a trick in a few years, those are good ones though food for thought for next year!!

Debby of Oxycontin and Opiate Addiction: A Mother's Story said...

You really had me laughing at your sense of humor! Ha, the fool got fooled. I'm lousy at April Fool's pranks, because I'm such a transparent liar. glad to see you having some humor. I haven't had a chance to get back on your email-- but thank you, for your kind remarks