Monday, March 4, 2013

I Drugged My Dog

I made an appointment at the veterinarian on Saturday for our dog Lexi. She had been showing signs of pain in her hips and seeing that she is a Golden Retriever and they are known for bad hips we were hoping for the best.

We got the best news nothing serious other than she is carrying to much weight. Like that's a surprise living in our house. LOL The doctor said to get about 15-20 pounds off of her and she would probably be OK. However, to help with the pain he gave her a prescription of Tramadol. That would help her with the pain and make her more active to lose weight faster.

He explained to me that Tramadol is an opiate based pain reliever. Flags, bells, and whistles began going off in my mind. I must have been pretty obvious because he then explained that Tramadol can make people "somewhat goofy" but those effects are rarely seen in dogs.

When I got home I dosed Lexi as he instructed. She got sleepy and slept for 24 hours. She got up once to go out and pee and she fell over walking to the door. I OD'ED MY DOG!!!

I visited the vet this morning and he told me to cut the dosage in half.

Guess this goes to show that drugs have a linear affect in families. In reality Lexi is actually Alex's dog. We got Lexi for him on his 16th birthday. OMG!!!


Annette said...

Lol....Awww Ron. You can also give dogs 1 aspirin for the pain....1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.

Syd said...

Hope that she will be okay. Maybe try some light formula dog food.

Dad and Mom said...


She will be OK. Just as an FYI, do they have Bark-Anon meetings for owners of addicted pooches? LOL

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