Monday, March 4, 2013

Speaking To Students, AGAIN

This is an open invitation to anyone in the KC area or for that matter anywhere that wishes to hear me speak with high school students I am speaking again at Basehor Linwood High School on this Thursday and Friday mornings.

A great teacher, Susan Mayberry, once again invited me to speak to her students and tell our story. If you wish to join me please contact me through a comment or e-mail. Susan and I will make the arrangements where you sit in a classroom with 30 high school students and try to show them that this monster is real and is stalking them.

If you are a teacher or administrator in a school and want me to share my story with your students please write. We CAN make this happen together. Come see what happens on Thursday or Friday.

ps.: If this week is bad I'll be at Shawnee Mission West High School on May 3rd all day, another great teacher, Mary Hedges knows what this means for her students too.


Syd said...

Good look with it, Ron. You do a great service.

Momma said...

So glad to hear you are doing this. Thank you for continuing to speak to kids.

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