Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Partnership Post

The Partnership at has published another one of my essays. Regular readers will recognize this one about Does Relapse Mean Failure that was on the blog not long ago. However, there is a very good reason you should check it out again.

As a followup to my essay the Staff at The Partnership wrote a very good piece on The Five Things You Need To Know About Relapse.

Please, take a minute to review these essays.


Tori said...

Great article. I am getting to the point where I can almost sense relapse. He had a bad day last week and left the house the next day we tested him (as we do several times a week) and he was clean. He told me he had smelled something that reminded him of H and then saw foil in the kitchen it set him off but he knew he would be tested and was able to not use but he did have a few rough days. It is surprising what little things can trigger him.

Tori said...

Just to clarify - he came back home after an hour he didn't stay out all night! :)

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