Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Saturday was a wonderful day in Kansas City for a parade. This is the first time I had been to the St. Pats for 20 years. In the past it was pretty much just a reason to watch a parade, drink a lot and watch people on floats and marching while they were drinking. Quite a while ago they cleaned it up and they actively work on not allowing drinking by parade watchers and parade participants. It has become a decent day out for the family. Of course afterwards there are areas of town that you can over indulge in spirits but I'm no longer part of that group. That was when I was younger and dumber, from the looks on the local news they have found many others in that stage of their lives.

It was great being in the parade. A big thank you to my brother-in-law for inviting us to join.

Everyone but Erica and I rode in the truck. We walked the whole parade. I have no idea how many thousands of people were there but the sidewalks were 3-4 deep all the way with most of the time it was 7-8 deep.
Just too much excitement for Brooke. She crashed half way through the parade. When we got to the area where the local TV station was broadcasting the parade live Brooke got her time on TV. They ran up to the truck and had her all over TV and she was even on the local news. Too bad she slept through it all. 

I don't have any other pictures yet. Darlene had the camera. This is just one I took with my iPhone running up beside the truck.


Brandi said...

I am so sorry that we didn't get to meet. The kids were "bored" and ready to go, and well this was the first time that I had been to the St. Patty's parade sober, so it was bringing a lot of memoirs up for me, I was just ready to get out of there, quickly!

I do hope to meet soon in the future!

Anonymous said...

Question-- In a previous post you mentioned that you didn't do the 'god thing'. It seems obvious that you found support from your blog, but I'm curious about Alex. Did he follow a 12 step program that asks you to believe in a higher power? Does he currently participate in a recovery program, have a sponsor, go to meetings, etc? My own son does not like the traditional AA route and believes he can succeed in recovery without that -- that's why I'm curious what helped your son.

Rehab ranch said...

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Syd said...

Looks like a great time. I did St. Pat's day on the water and it was a blast.