Monday, March 19, 2012

Answers -- Anonymous

This is the last of all of the questions. So as not to make the post too long I split them up and answered each day. I'm answering them in the order they were received. This is not a one time thing, if you have a question feel free to post and I will add it to the list. 

Anonymous ask: In my job as a social worker in an inner city pediatric clinic, I talk with preteens and teens daily. I have an opportunity to talk with them casually about substance abuse. I'd like to do some prevention work with them. What can I say to them that they may actually hear and remember? All suggestions are appreciated.

In my talks with high school students here locally I believe what has been most effective is sincerity and honesty. I don’t try to threaten or scare I just lay out the facts. I don’t keep harping on the just say no stuff, they have all heard that before. I don’t go into the legality of drugs because they all know that they are illegal. My whole discussion is centered around if you make a choice to try this then here is what you will become and what you will do to the people you love.

I try make it clear that they have a choice in the beginning to try but after that, choices begin to disappear. Before you know what has happened the drugs own you. It seems powerful to the students when I speak of being owned by a drug and a dealer. You essentially become a slave to the drug and dealer. You will do whatever it takes to obtain your drug. You will lie, steal, harm others and prostitute yourself to obtain your drug. You are OWNED by your drug and dealer.

You can view my entire presentation to students on youtube. I have links on a previous post. Feel free to watch them and use whatever may be effective.

Good Luck, just don’t stop talking to these young people. They need adults with honest and real information in their life.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me. My coworker and I are both interested
in talking with the kids about this. We both have seen what
addiction can do up close and personal. If we reach even one kid, it will be worthwhile. I
plan on watching all of your presentation. Thanks again!

Dad and Mom said...


After you watch and if you want to chat e-mail me at and I will send my phone number.