Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patricks Day Parade

My brother-in-law collects Army trucks and enjoys driving them in local parades. On Saturday it is St. Patrick's Day. Kansas City has a huge St. Patrick's Day parade each year. They say it is one of the top parades in the nation but I am not Irish so I wouldn't know for sure.

This year my brother-in-law is going to drive one of his trucks in the parade. I don't know which one but they are big enough to hold several people so we are going to be in the parade riding in the truck.

If you are at the Kansas City Parade give a shout out to the crazy, Irish-for-a-day people riding in a big tan or green Army truck. (see pics below. the guy standing on the left in front of the green truck is Darlene's dad, on the right is his brother who passed last Dec. he also brings one on 4th of July and we ride around the neighborhoods blowing the horn and waving flags)

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Syd said...

Looks like a good time. Hope that you had a good St. Pat's day.