Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reading Material

I just finished reading a blog from a person that made a comment to one of my posts. This parent has a son that has been in recovey for 2 years, his drug of choice was opiates.

I want to highly recommend this writing. His writings and reflections are so insightful. Please visit his sight and read all of his posts to date. He just began writing in October and all of us should feel lucky that he has shared his thoughts and learnings on his sons addiction, recovery and his own recovery.

Addiction Journal

ps.: The Partnership @ Drugfree.org has published another one of my essay's on their Intervene site: Been There, Done That: How Personal Stories Can Help Fight Teen Pressure to Use Drugs


Syd said...

Very good writing and a lot of information.

parent said...

thanks all ...i am pretty new to this blog stuff...but appreciate the feedback

Erin said...

Thank you for sharing that Ron, it is an excellent blog.

Kim A. said...

Sharing, like knowledge, is power. Thank you.