Friday, November 5, 2010

Invited Back

Last year I was given the opportunity to speak to students at our local high school about the effects of addiction on a person and family. I have been invited back to speak to another group of students at our high school again on Wednesday, Nov. 10.

This is a chance for every one of you to stand with me and send your message to freshmen students with a few sophomores and juniors sprinkled in the mix. Tell me the one thing they absolutely need to hear from us. My plan is to use the same basic presentation format but if someone has a point that needs to be said please let me know. It's not to late to add something that may be the key to a message.

For those that didn't read about last years presentation and its effect here is a link to the communication from the sponsoring teacher of that presentation.

The Response


Barbara said...

I remember! This last year went by fast. I'm glad you will have another opportunity to reach more people!

Tori said...

I have asked my son in his "sober" moments what could I have done to prevent all this. He has told me probably not much, but that he wished that someone just a little older would have talked to him that was an addict. I am wondering if possible could you bring someone closer to their age who is sober? He told me that it was always people my age (thanks) that were telling him the stories and how awful it was but to him, they "didn't understand" because times were so different. I don't know just a thought. I know the kids need to hear both sides and should, but an insight of a 22 year old who used to be a junkie may make some impact. Good Luck and what a great thing for you to be doing.

Fractalmom said...

It only takes TWO times of snorting an opiate for the addiction to begin. TWO times.

beachteacher said...

excellent Fractalmom.....excellent. And what Tori suggested is need to find a young addict in recovery that could get across the point that Fractalmom stated,...along with all of the resulting repetitive pain that results

Syd said...

A reminder that for every one who has a substance abuse problem, there are at least 10 people who are affected by the disease.

yaya said...

If you are a "child at risk" YOU CANNOT EXPERIMENT ... You are not like the kids who can smoke a little pot and walk away. YOU WILL BE HOOKED AND POT WILL BE A GATEWAY DRUG FOR YOU. It sucks, but it is the truth.

Sober Move said...

Wow, it sounds like you reached a lot of people last year, even outside of the school.

I think everyone has given really good advice so far and I think Tori made a really good point about having someone close to their age speak.

I remember at my elementary we had police and former addicts speak to us and show us the effects of drugs. However, it's easier to get through to students that age as they don't quite know the pressures of trying to fit in.

For high school students, I believe many if not all of them, try drugs for the first time to try and be cool or to fit in. I think if they really had a picture painted for them of how uncool it turns into when they become addicted and eventually turn to harder drugs and see how their dreams and goals will not be possible, it may help them to think twice before trying it.

If they see themselves being successful one day, making money, dating girls, they need to see that none of that will happen with drugs in their lives.

Dad and Mom said...

One day I hope that Alex is able to speak to kids about what addiction really is but right now he is not at that point. So for now it is me and I don't really focus about what addiction is but rather what addiction does to a person and those that love the addicted.