Friday, July 10, 2009

Almost Move-In Time

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The Kitchen

As many of you know that have been following this blog for a while one of my welcome distractions from addiction insanity has been working on my daughter's first house that they just bought. It was in quite poor condition when we started and my main job was the kitchen. The kitchen was a wreck. The cabinets had 4 coats of paint and finish, the floor was literally coming apart, none of the appliances were salvageable and the counters, (I wouldn't let my dog eat off them). It is getting close to being done and I promised you a few pictures of some of my work. As you know I like doing woodworking. So here comes a little distraction from the normal.

This is the island top with a new range. The butcher block was salvaged from the old counter top and I took about 1/4 inch off the top and added the walnut edging then turned it into the island top and installed the range top. It is edge glued oak with walnut trim, finished with high gloss polyurethane.

This the island from the other end. Shows the end detail. Didn't want square edges so I ovaled the end to keep from banging your hip on a corner and extended over the edge of the island for a stool for my granddaughter.

I had enough butcher block left to use it here to create a pastry station. It has the same edge detail as the island but it has been sanded smooth and finished with food grade mineral oil. Food prep can be done directly on the board along with any chopping. If it gets cut up a little sandpaper and mineral oil and it is good as new. The sides are oak and the wall behind is finished oak.

I'm a bad photographer. The white on the drawer is just a sack I didn't tuck in before taking picture.

The pantry. All of the cabinet doors were trashed. The frames were in decent shape so I stripped and sanded all the frames but the doors were beyond hope so I made all new doors and drawers, 31 doors and 12 drawers in all. The stain color was picked by my daughter and the finish is a very strong durable varnish used in new kitchens today.

We haven't cleaned up for final move so you can see the construction dust some but this is the new floor. It is a walnut floor. That is why I used the walnut edging on the butcher block island and pastry board, to tie it all together. Directly behind me from where I am taking the picture is a large picture window and I made the window seat to match the same oak with walnut edging.

Here is a nice picture of the overall of that wall. The wet wall is not complete yet with the sink. Granite is the counter top on that side and we do not have the plumbing quite finished. I'll get pictures of that when it is done. Of course all new paint in there too.


Eli said...

This is absolutely gorgeous woodwork. I especially love the island/range top. I think in another life I might have a wood shop, but I've got too many hobbies as it is for now.

Congrats on the Top 100 mention. I'm over there too under sex addictions - I guess that's what stands out in my potpourri of struggles.

Cindy said...

Holy cow! That lucky girl! Beautiful work! My passion is junking and gardening. I know the goodness and satisfaction when we have other stuff going on. I wonder, if not for my trials and tribulations...would I have such depth and creativity? I don't think so. I'm actually beginning to see a positive out of all the hard times. I've grown and have gained character too.

Fractalmom said...

between the new grandbaby and the woodworking, you might just make it!! that is some absolutely AWESOME woodcraft. I think you have passed amateur status.

ChaiLatte said...

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! Your daughter must be in heaven...

Lou said...

Breath taking craftsman ship!

clean and crazy said...

wow, i hope she appreciates your talent and love, this is just a beautiful gift for her and you. you are just amazing. wow.

Laura said...

OMG, that wood top and walnut edge is a work of art!! Sorry I have not commented for awhile. Our son has been making the tour of Kansas jails and we have been visiting him at times with lots of day trips. I pray this is bottom for him- he is talking the talk.
I agree with your facts- even though in my heart I know I am not quite there yet. His sister is pretty done with him because she feels like he has promised things to her and then 24 hours later broke it. Working where she is working (as a lawyer) she is getting a very clear lense of what is going on with him. Laura