Thursday, January 10, 2013

Guest Post Time Again

In the past I have opened my blog to guest posts. If you are a parent, brother, sister, child or loved one of an addict and want to write about your story or simply ask a question I would love to have your post. Here is an example of another parent that did this. "How Did We Get Here? Guest Blogger: Lisa"

You don't have to be good at writing. I found there was nothing that helped me more than writing and reading the comments from other readers.

Please, share your wisdom and experience. E-mail your contribution to

A few rules:

  • Guest bloggers can remain anonymous or be public, your choice.
  • Links will be available to your blog or e-mail address if your choose.
  • No commercial advertisements or posts thinly disguised as advertisements for rehabs.
  • Good taste must be used.
  • Appropriate language and content for our community.
  • You will NOT be graded on grammar, but be sure to use spell check.
  • One paragraph or one page, it doesn't matter on length even just a simple question works.


Amy Lynn said...

Do you have a guest blogger yet?

Dad and Mom said...

I have one submission already but I am looking for as many as want to write.