Saturday, January 12, 2013

What About Brothers and Sisters?

This blog has been written from the perspective of parents of an addict. As we all know parents aren't the only loved ones affected by an addict.

I know from comments and e-mails that brothers, sisters, grandparents, addicts and so many others read my blog. I would imagine that much of the pain may be very much like what we feel as parents but I also imagine there are unique issues for them dealing with an addicted loved one.

In the past I have posted many links to other bloggers, many of the them other parents. I also want to try  to recognize other loved ones of addicts that write as a way of dealing with their pain.

If you are a loved one of an addict and write your own blog I'd love to list you. Here is a link and if you comment or e-mail me I'll list you too.

Just the Addicts Sister

Another mother needing help:

Never Let Them Go

Child of an addict writing a blog:

The Addicts Child


Amy Lynn said...
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Amy Lynn said...

Thank you for posting the link to my blog. Also, thank you for writing your blog. It has helped me understand a parents' perspective and feelings, which I'm trying to remember when it comes to my own mom. Sometimes we see things differently. Sometimes we argue. So, I'm just trying to see things from her point of view and how she must feeling being a mother of an addict. Thanks, again.

Apocooptimist said...

Just finding your blog and already finding some much needed peace.... Thank you.

Tori said...

I ofter worry what stress has come from B's addiction to his little brother. Because of the almost 7 year age difference we were able to hide so much from him up until the last couple years.

I know as much as he loves B he also has resentment. It is so hard to find a balance when there is younger sibling involved and the addict takes all the attention.

I hope that we here from the siblings of addicts and what they feel could have made their lives a little easier. Little Brother is 14 such a crucial age I would love some insight.

Cindy said...

Hi--I just recently found your blog. I have just started a blog of my own as I am beginning to share about my son's addiction to heroin.
It is at

Saeed Zia said...
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Dad and Mom said...

Saeed, I will not be posting your link to "hot girls". That is not what my blog is designed for.

Taya Googe said...

First I would like to thank you for the time you put into your blog. As the child of an addict I know how hard it is to watch some one you love destroy their life with drugs and/or alcohol or even many of the other addictions out there. I have just recently started my own blog The Addict's Child and have found it to be a healthy way to express my feelings on addiction. Would you please take a moment to share my blog with your readers? I feel as if children of addicts are often the silent victims and I want to help give them a voice.
Thank you again for your blog and taking the time to read this.


Sarie Lotta said...

Thank you for your blog- I am very new at this (3 min) so I hope I do it right. I

It amazed me that my oldest son was so mean to my other son battling with his addiction. We would get mad because we believed that if they could talk to each other it might help them both ....and us. We fight for my A. Heroin is a thief and has stolen everything from us. I was in a meeting with a sibling of an addict and she set me straight. We live on hope. They live in fear. The addict sucks every breath of life out of us and these brothers and sisters are left with nothing. They too don't know what they will find on the other side of the door. They too have so much to lose and have no control over it. They are more scared then we ever will be because drugs are everywhere they go. So it's not just their brother or sister it's their friends. My oldest son lost 21 friends last year one of them was my nephew. Drugs and alcohol had something to do with each one of those deaths. He can't be safe at home either because every time they come home they don't know what is on the other side. It makes me so sad! We had so much fun up until 3 years ago and everything we had was taken and destroyed by heroin.