Monday, February 4, 2013

Surprised and Overwhelmed

On Saturday we went to visit my brother. His health issues are still front and center. It's not good. Not much to say beyond that, if you smoke, STOP. Stop now, stop today, NO MORE.

When we got home about midnight and pulled into our driveway I get the evil eye from Mom. There were boxes sitting on our front porch. That's not a good thing for me. When I order tools online for my wood shop boxes would appear on our front porch, then I had explaining to do about how I HAD to have this latest gadget or tool.

Immediately I got defensive. "I didn't order anything!" (besides I have learned when I order something now I get it delivered to the office and I can sneak it to the basement.)

Bringing the boxes in the house they were from ProFlowers. A reader in TX that I had answered a couple personal e-mails and spoke on the phone to once sent us flowers. After the day we had with my brother it was quite special to find a box of roses all multiple colors waiting for you. I really don't have the words to express how special that was and what it meant to us at midnight on Saturday.

The second box was addressed to Alex and Kristy. We took them down to their house on Sunday morning. More roses and chocolates congratulating them on their engagement. It's hard to floor them two but they were taken back also. Alex's first question was "Why?" Second was, "How is their son, is he still getting high?" At that time I didn't know so I just said, "I don't know." Alex just slumped down and shook his head. That said more than enough for me.

To a special Father and Mother who shall remain nameless here. Thank you very much and our every wish is that one day your son will seek recovery and you will feel the joy and gratitude only the parent of an addict can experience.


Anonymous said...

Amen I say to that, a son in recovery is a true joy, my prayers go out for your son that he will find the way out of his addiction and for you to feel that joy too. Don't lose hope!

Barbara said...

Ron, I understand their appreciation. You go above and beyond and have helped me in some of my moments of fear and confusion. We're all in this together no matter where we are in the journey.

Syd said...

That is so special that someone sent you flowers and also flower for Alex and his fiancee. I am sorry to hear about your brother.

Tori said...

Sorry to hear about your brother Ron. You do so much for other people and always offer so much support, I hope the people that sent you and Alex the flowers is able to tell you their child is in recovery very soon.

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