Thursday, February 21, 2013


The monster stole another poor child. Two parents are heartbroken and sick. This morning a friend text me that his friends daughter died last night at 8:30. He has been friends with and known her dad and mom since high school. So young and so pretty.

I hate this shit.


Anonymous said...

It's the horrible, gut twisting fear we all live with. God bless these poor parents and their precious daughter. God bless us all!

Meth Addiction-A Mothers Perspective said...

One of the things I hate the most about addiction is the promising young lives it destroys. So much potential slowly destroyed. Not to mention the sadness and torment it causes along the way to the loved ones left behind. My heart breaks for Laura's parents.

Ming said...

My son relapsed again last night but in addition to heroin, he had some methadone on him too.

I told him last Thursday night that I could no longer be a witness to his drug abuse and next time he would have to leave.

This morning before leaving for work, I told him to leave and I never want to see him again while he's on drugs. It hurts me too much.

See, I noticed a pattern in recent weeks with him. Thursday morning he reports to his P.O. and later that day, he gets high.

I am sorry for your friend's loss. These drugs are killers and the dealers should be captured and tried for murder. Every last one of them!

Bristolvol said...

Ron, this is so sad. I don't know what to say... Enjoy each day with your loved ones like it could be your last. May this angel rest in peace.

V. Paulson said...

Prayers of peace to this family in knowing their daughter is no longer in pain fighting this terrible affliction. I am so sorry for their loss. It is truly heartbreaking.

Terri said...

So, so sorry to hear this. A parent's worst fear. I'll this family in my thoughts.

Tori said...

This is my biggest fear. Losing one of my children. My heart and prayers go to out to them. I don't know how you recover from this tragic loss that should have never happened.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your personal struggles with us all. I am so sorry for the loss if your friends' daughter. You are right in calling this disease a monster. We all wish we could just shake our lived ones and make them see, but it is almost as if they all suffer from Stolkholm Syndrome, falling in love with their kidnapper. It makes me heart ache.

My boyfriend and partner in life is an addict and I too have found solace in putting my story out there in the hopes I can reach people in their darkest, loneliest hour. It is great to see others doing the same thing. It makes our community stronger. Check it out if you would like

Anonymous said...

As so many others have said, a parents worse nightmare. Have I told my addict son that I love him today, because you just never know about tomorrow, huh?

Anonymous said...

I lost my baby brother to his addiction 4 years ago on March 3rd It was awful He took his own life while he was going through withdrawl he was addicted to opiate opiods.

I to am an addict I have chronic pain and got addicted to pain meds (only happens to about 10-15 percent of people and I was abusing my meds)I am now clean but it was not easy with chronic pain from arthritis and compressed disck and 3 failed back surgerys it takes work it takes meeting (sometimes it takes medication to keep an opiate opiod addict from active addiction.

My mother also gave birth still born son 34 or 35years ago. I can not imagine the pain my mother fills She is so strong in what she has had to endure. Prayers there is nothing worse then loosing a child.

For the family that lost there child My hope is that they find peace that there daughter is no longer suffering (I hope that does not sound uncaring)

TO DAD AND MOM who Write this blog I am thankful for you that your son is living a clean and sober life Its not easy but it can be done!!

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