Monday, February 18, 2013

Partnership Initiatives

As many of you know a few years ago The Partnership at ask me to write essays for them to post on the Intervene page of their website.  A while later they ask me if I would be interested in volunteering to be a Parent Ambassador which I accepted. One reader, who shall remain nameless at this time (B.L.), reminded me that "ass" was the center of ambassador. So naturally I felt honored and was completely qualified for the task.

There are two initiatives that The Partnership is involved in now and I would encourage any of you that read my blog to consider.

The first is the National Parent Network. This is an evolution of the Parent Ambassador program. Here is the basics of this program and if you are interested please e-mail Becky. She is the Regional Director of this initiative.

Are you a parent and have a personal experience with teen substance abuse? Would you have time to volunteer your wisdom and expertise to help other families touched by teen drug and alcohol use? If so, please contact Becky Vance, Regional Director of the National Parent Network, (, let us know why you’d like to help, and learn how you can join our National Parent Network.

Another program in which I have taken part is the National Hope Share. It is about sharing your story in order for everyone, addict or loved one to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this world of addiction, there are people to help. If you are able please share your story. "Your story can change someone else's."  The Hope Share


Tori said...

I would love to do this Ron. I just think in light of what is going on right now I am not sure I could be much help. I hope one day I can.

Chelsie Charmed said...

the hope share is just for the U.S. I think

Chelsie Charmed said...

Oh and do you know any other great places I can submit stories or articles.

Dad and Mom said...


The Hope Share is for anyone and everyone. Addiction is a world problem not just something the affects people in the US. Please share You Are Not Alone worldwide.

Dad and Mom said...


If you want to volunteer and help others through the National Parent Network write Becky to see what she needs and what you can do. Becky is a great person and can give you the details.

Becky V said...

Ron, thanks so much for sharing the news about our National Parent Network. I would love to hear from any parents, whether their child is in recovery, struggling or just continuing to use. In addition to the network of parents, I am also compiling a national directory of parent support groups. Any and all information and leads are helpful.

I thank you for your advocacy on this issue and your great help in getting the word out. And YES the Hope Share is for EVERYONE no matter where they reside on this planet!

Don't ever forget what a blessing you are to so many!


Chelsie Charmed said...

I tried posting but when I had to register they wanted me to pick state and they only had US options.

Dad and Mom said...


I'll write some people and see what they can do for you.

Dad and Mom said...


Please post your story on The Hope Share. Here is the response I got back from the people looking into this for us.

Hi all,

Vishal replied back to me with the following:

Hi Jane - Julie also mentioned this potential problem to me. I've looked at the 'Share Your Story' page functionality and the "State" drop-down is an optional item. This means that anyone can submit a story w/o having to list their location. I can speak w/ Cindy further when she returns next week, but for now there shouldn't be a problem for anyone to submit a story even if they don't live in the US.

While we work this out further, I would be happy to post Ron's reader's story myself. Would she be willing to send it to me?

Jane Romanyenkov
Advertising Manager
352 Park Avenue South, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Barbara said...

FYI: In this case "ass" can also refer to KICKING ASS as in "doing a great job" and that, my friend, is what you're doing. Congrats on being official about it :)

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