Friday, September 14, 2012

The Ron Road Show

The road show is on off and running next week. Wednesday and Thursday next week I am giving my presentation to another bunch of high school students in my local school district, Basehor Linwood.

This week I got an email from representatives of the Blue Valley School District. I was ask to speak at 4 middle schools in conjunction with Red Ribbon Week in October. Their plan is to have whole school assemblies and I will talk about the impact of addiction on addicts and families. They want a personal story that impacts the students at their level. Over 2000 middle school students along with teachers and any parents that attend will hear my story in one week.

The U.S. Department of Education recognizes schools each year with the National Blue Ribbon Award.

(from the U.S. Dept. of Education website)
What are the benefits of being a Blue Ribbon school?

Blue Ribbon Schools are nationally recognized as some of America's most successful schools. The award acknowledges and validates the hard work of students, staff members, families, and communities in reaching high levels of student achievement. Moreover, Blue Ribbon Schools report a renewed sense of pride and accomplishment at their school. They may be sought out as mentors to others schools or may find that receiving grants and raising funds is a little easier. Communities often report that the award makes their neighborhood a more desirable place to live because parents want their children to attend a Blue Ribbon School—and real estate agents use the Blue Ribbon award as a selling point for those neighborhoods. Tangibly, each fall, all winning schools are invited to Washington, D.C. for a ceremony to celebrate their success, share information, and receive a plaque and flag to commemorate their achievement.

In Kansas there were only six schools recognized across the entire state of all public and private schools on the 2012 Blue Ribbon School list. Basehor Linwood School District and The Blue Valley School District each had one school on the list. From the Blue Ribbon Schools list in Kansas 2 of the 6 school districts have ask me to speak to their students. This tells me the highest performing schools in the nation DO NOT ignore the realities of drug addiction and the impact it has on their students. I feel good in this knowledge, hopefully I can do them justice with my message.

As always, I can sure use your thoughts and ideas. If you have something that every student must know, leave me a comment. Nothing is so good it can't be improved.

Here is a link to videos my presentation to high school students last school year. You Ask For It, You Got'em

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Momma said...

Take it on the road, Ron! Thank you for doing this.

Syd said...

Glad that you are doing this, Ron.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Ron! I know you will get someone's attention, relate to someone, or give someone hope.
Let us know how it goes! Thank you for the comments in regard to Blue Ribbon Schools. Many don't realize that it's a, "Big Deal!"
Susan Mayberry

Dee said...

Imagine if you touch one young person. Just one! That's all it takes to know you have made an impact.

You are amazing Ron!

Anonymous said...

Hey. My family has only recently uncovered a member with an addiction to pain pills. He started taking them after an accident last year and has escalated to taking up to 10 pills a day. He has been buying the pills for $5 a pill or stealing them when he can't afford them. When confronted he says he will try to beat the addiction on his own. I'm a bit skeptical of this approach. Is it realistic to think he can beat it without help?

Dad and Mom said...

Dear Anonymous,

I too would be highly skeptical of that approach. Addiction to pain killers is a serious health threat. Addiction is not a moral failure, it is a disease. You might compare it to a diabetic curing himself of diabetes or a cancer victim doing the same.

Withdrawals from opiate addiction is dangerous. I would recommend medically supervised detox followed with rehab. Detoxing and withdrawal cannot and should not be done alone. There are severe health risks.

If I were you I would enlist others to help convince your family member to seek help. You are facing a serious health issue for your family member. My advice is to treat it as such. If he is taking unprescribed medication and stealing to obtain the pills this is a definite symptom of addiction.

Good luck our son's drug of choice was prescription pain pills.