Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It is day by day. I really understand that now and it was so hard to get but this dad finally got it after a few years. This is my revelation for myself.

Regardless of living for the joy of each day I don't think it is wrong to occasionally put little check marks in the column of normal father /son growth and relationships. Today Alex got back from a family vacation. He and Kristy took their family on their first family vacation. It really is a mark on the life list for a dad to take his family on car vacation. Ask your dad if that adventure doesn't have a special place in their dreams and nightmares. It is such a milestone a movie was actually made of the adventure. I don't know anybody that hasn't laughed at the Griswold's on their vacation to Walley World.

This dad is proud of his son. Not so long ago I didn't even dare to dream. Today dreams come true.

Ocean City, Maryland, USA


Change said...

I'm happy you're "feeling" those feelings. I'm sure your son had some of those feelings too as he traveled. I will be where you are (having proud moments) some day and my daughter will be where your son is. I have no doubts, just plan hope.

Terri said...

I love that picture. I have hope that my son will one day experience this.

Syd said...

So great for Alex and his family. I'm happy for all of you.