Thursday, July 19, 2012

Battling the Monster: Hero's

Last night I was at the the Kansas City Royals baseball game in honor of and courtesy of Susan Mayberry. She is the teacher at Basehor Linwood High School that I nominated and she won The Partnership at and Major League Baseball's, National Play Healthy Award for 2011. Susan is a teacher that goes above and beyond to battle the monster. She has me come to her class twice a year to speak about drugs and addiction. Last night the KC Royals honored her by selecting her to sit in the Buck O'Neil Legacy Seats. If you aren't from KC but maybe you are a baseball fan and already know, Buck O'Neil was a player in the Negro Leagues. He was key in forming the Negro Leagues Hall of Fame here in KC. Mr. O'Neil was one of the most respected people I have ever seen in KC. I'm sure if you polled KC people his approval and respect rating would be somewhere upwards of 99.9%. So you see to be honored in this way to sit in his permanent seat at Kauffmam Stadium is indeed a honor and big deal.

In this struggle of addiction in our lives I have found many hero's. It's time we recognize these people. 

I'm asking that you nominate a hero right here. There won't be any national award, fancy trips to New York or special baseball game seats. This is about recognizing someone or people that have helped you. It doesn't have to be someone that rides astraddle a horse publicly swinging a sword at this monster. It may be a loved one that has a good ear and an open heart. It may be that "rock" in your life. Maybe it is a stranger that touched you at just the right time. It might be a person that faced the monster and won or someone that fought a gallant battle. 

I am asking for your nominations, who and what they have done for you or others in facing the monster. Names aren't required. After you nominate them and your recognition is there for the world to see your appreciation, send them a link to this post. Everyone needs to see that they are loved and appreciated.

In a world where crisis and tragedy dominate the landscape it is time we allow the light of good to shine brightly.


Anonymous said...

Ron, what a gift you have with words and expression of the meaning of life. Thank you for nominating me for this award. I certainly hope and encourage those who have perhaps seen, killed, chased or been chased, or hopefully outran that monster to consider nominating that one person who has made a difference in your life.
It would mean the world to them. We are in this together. If you want more information, log onto the partnership at
Susan Mayberry

Rebecca said...

Ron, I want to nominate you for giving the gift of hope to so many. Your special gift is precious and priceless. This world needs more heroes like you. Thank you for being a champion for our cause!

Anonymous said...

You are a hero along with Darlene. You continue to give us hope in times of desparation. You give completely of yourself by speaking to students, responding to emails, etc. I know you didn't postthis to get yourself nominated but you are top of the list.
i would like to nominate your son Alex for being strong and showing us it canbe done. He has the courage to face and squash the monster and I pray his strength will continue for eternity. May all of our children find the courage to battle this monster called addiction.

Her Big Sad said...

Ron, I would nominate all the parents who are a part of this blogging community. I found Lou first, and grasped on like someone drowning. I WAS drowning, in hopeless despair and pain. Then the list grew, Annette, Barbara, you, and on and on. You all have gotten me through the darkest days and I treasure this community we have where we can be honest and share. We talk about what has worked for us and what hasn't. We support each other during the bleak days and rejoice in the good ones. We remind each other that no matter what the rest of us say, sometimes we must try something possibly ill-advised, on our way to our own recovery, healthy detachment and loving healthy support of our precious children. Your efforts to reach the kids at the schools especially touch my heart. I appreciate each and every one of you so much.

Barbara said...

Great question and I will come back with my answer - or I could just say ditto what Her Big Sad said because I feel the exact same way!

Dad and Mom said...


You are right, I didn't post this to be nominated. I am extremely proud that you think so but that was not my intent. Thank you so much for your compliment and recognition.

My nomination......Darlene.

Darlene was my rock, she is my hero. She is the one that kept me grounded. Of course we did it for each other but I know on my own I would not be where I am today and I have no way to know if Alex would be there. There is nothing like having someone in your life that loves you in the worst time. It is easy to live when life is a bed of roses, when life is down the toilet to have someone like Darlene makes it bearable. She is my nomination as a hero in dealing with this hell. I am lucky to have her as a partner and our children are lucky to have her as a mother.

Anonymous said...

"Battling the Monster" is a
good way of looking at it. I
nominate Mr. G, my son's high school teacher. The kids called him "G", out of their affection for
him. He directed and taught an alternative high school program for
high risk kids, many of whom had substance abuse problems. These kids were a tough lot to deal with.
Mr. G made the day to day effort with them, doing everything he could to teach and guide them. My
son was able to graduate HS and is now working hard in a job. Thank
you, Mr. G!


Dad and Mom said...

Thank you from me to Mr G. too.

Thank you Holly for your nomination.

Momma said...

For my son:
Dave, his drug counselor.
PJ, his spiritual sponsor.
These two men provided guidance and managed to gain respect and attention from my son.

For myself:
Ron, Barbara and Syd from this blogging community
My sister, who provided much understanding, sensitivity and sensibility. She showed me the way through, by example.

Thank you.

Dad and Mom said...

Thank you Momma.

Your son is so lucky to have people in his life like those two people. Thank you Dave and PJ

Darlene says sisters are special people.

Thank you for your nominations. Wonderful people all.