Friday, December 23, 2011

A Very Different Christmas

Today mom is at work and I am playing at cleaning the house. I will admit my standards are not nearly as high as moms but I'll try to get he big stuff.

Tomorrow, Alex the girls and their families will come over to our home for Christmas. This will be a good day. I truthfully cannot remember a year except when they were babies that Alex was here for Christmas or not high if he was here. It is easy to sit here and recall the horrors. "Lost" presents, blank out of this world stares, nodding off on on, mysterious disappearances, and all of those other things you all know very well.

It may not be wise to have expectations but for me it is impossible not to look forward to tomorrow. There will be 4 children here from 4 months old to 9 years old. Gifts have been wrapped and I hope they all meet the kids expectations. Our house will be a home full of joy and laughter. It will be so nice to have all of our kids together and have Alex clear and sober, it has been so long.

I wish everyone could be writing a post like this but I know some of you are still struggling with those lost years. We know how hard it is and our thoughts are with all of you.


Barbara said...

Ron, you have every reason to expect a wonderful Christmas! I wish you, Darlene and the rest of the family a wonderful holiday.

The best part is those kids - I love watching kids on Christmas. This is the first year we won't have one (my 9 year old great-neph won't be joining us, his family is stationed in Texas and they can't come out).

Have a wonderful time - and don't forget to dust!

Anna said...

I am glad that Alex and your family have made it out of the darkness and into the light. That is the very best Christmas present. It gives me hope.

Momma said...

Enjoy your family!


Syd said...

It sounds like it was wonderful. Looking forward and not backwards is okay. Happy New Year, my friend.

Maija said...

I love that your son is sober!!! It gives me hope!

Lynn Wit said...

I am happy to have found this blog... I have an addict in my sons room too... He will be leaving soon for a recovery center and as he recovers, my husband and I will also try to recover... It has been such a long terrible road. I pray he can rid himself of his monsters and find peace. Knowing that your son has stayed clean and sober for a year is encouraging and fills me with hope for my son.