Friday, December 16, 2011

Same Thing Every Day, Change Happens, Life Goes On

Life goes on for us all. Alex continues to get better and our grand kids get bigger every day. But on the other end of the spectrum we have our elders presenting other issues as they age.

My mom is doing fairly well. It is like she has settled on a plateau, for how long no one can know. There are better days and some that aren't so good but she goes to lunch with me and others. She eats well and is completely aware. She still talks about her job even though she retired a year ago. Her big joy is her grand kids and great grand kids. Mom is aware how well Alex is doing and she is proud of him.

Darlene's uncle is not doing well, he has cancer and hospice was called in this last week, it is very sad. When Darlene and I first got married 35 years ago I learned he liked to hunt and fish. He and I spend many Saturday's hunting and fishing together.

My aunt has Alzheimer's and is going downhill very quickly. This is my mothers sister, it will be very hard on my mom.

Darlene's dad has knees that are shot. He has already had replacements in both knees once and does not want to do it again. He will need a lot of help, he will not give up the farm and cows. I tease Darlene that she better get down there and learn how to drive that tractor and chop holes in the ice on the pond. Those cows need hay ALL winter.

All of these very close relatives are over 80 years old. It is hard to see these health issues and how they are being affected. Instead of dwelling upon the negative mom and I are trying hard to see the joy of all those years they have lived and great contributions they made to our lives and family. Our Christmas wish is simple. Our wish is they will continue to be an inspiration to us for many more Christmas's in the future.


Annette said...

Life seems to be filled with letting go huh. We have to let go of the outcomes in our addicted kids lives, let go of our elderly relatives....but in the end, letting go leads to freedom for everyone....them and us.

Momma said...

WOW, can I relate to this post. Over the past couple of years it is becoming more and more apparent that my parents are getting closer and closer to losing their indpendence. They have health issues, hard of hearing, memory issues, etc. So, just when we are thinking we have been successful in turning our kids lives over to themselves, we have a new worry. At least I have siblings... but I have to be honest... when is it our time?

I guess that's the joy/pain of family, eh?

Barbara said...

This is a lot to deal with. It seems to be part of life for so many families. Its good for you to think about all the good things and the inspiration that these family members are and will continue to be.

Syd said...

It is hard to see the elderly relatives become infirm. I Like your wish, Ron.