Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Food For Thought

I'm sure everyone that reads our blog has strong feelings one way or another about "The War on Drugs." For me the idea of "For or Against" shouldn't be the argument. The first step I would hope is we could reach one common belief, what we are currently doing, doesn't work!

Richard Branson has written on his blog a thought provoking article that I want to share. I know elimination is an unrealistic dream so what do we do to get to a better place than we are now?

Richard Branson, "Time to End the War on Drugs"

What do you think?


Gledwood said...

I think they should prescribe heroin to addicts. For years I was just lost. Hopelessly lost. And nothing but nothing would have saved me at least prescribed heroin would have had a hope of giving me a life back. Methadone made me so miserable I was just suicidal. I'm afraid I have no other answers. What do you do with a drug addict? Someone whose brain has been hijacked by illegal chemicals? That's a pretty tough one to answer whether you're an addict, a parent of an addict or a politician.

Gledwood said...

ukh what a predictable thing coming from me, but I stand by it


Dawn said...

Very interesting article Ron. Myself I've always believed addicts don't belong in jail. In my experience the legal system does little to help them and often sets them up to fail. Everyone does not get equal treatment as far as Rehab either - it's mostly about how much money you have to spend on it. When you live in a state with one of the so called "best" rehabs and yet most of the insurances in that state will not cover it because it's to expensive.....there is something wrong. Right now the way it is,it all comes down to money.

notmyboy said...

My son always said if there were no consequences to his drug abuse, he would use until the day he dies. I don't think addicts belong in jails, but I do think they need some accountability. I'm just now sure how to balance that.

Syd said...

The war on drugs did not work. Maybe the best thing would be to have drugs be legal by prescription or something like that. Prohibition was a dramatic failure. Maybe we need to learn from history.