Thursday, February 17, 2011

Drug Treatment for Teens

Time magazine has done a good article on finding drug treatment for teens with plenty of links to resources.

If you know someone that is looking for rehab for their teen this is a good read. They make many good points including parental support and rehabs for teens are not always the ones that are good for adults.

How To Find The Best Drug Treatment For Teens: A Guide For Parents

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Gledwood said...

I just got rid of a very long ramble that might not have been helpful.

I read the Time article and I agree (and it's only a gut feeling) that many young people probably are over "pathologized" as they say.

What horrifies me the most is that parents, desperately trying to do the right thing, can throw thousands of dollars away on medicalized treatments when a "firm hand" and a longterm change of scene might work greater wonders at far less expense ...