Monday, October 4, 2010

Worldwide Problems with Drugs

Another mum from New Zealand writes about her son's addiction and their experiences with methadone treatment.

This truly is a worldwide scourge on society.

No2Methadone.A Sons Addiction

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Sober Move said...

Thanks for linking to that. I have the same experience with the addict in my life. They never went to a "methadone clinic", but they take doses of it daily, from home. They are subject to random urine tests and can only pick up a limited amount of their prescription at a time.

I know those urine test can be beaten somehow because the person I know has been on Methadone for years and years and has not been clean throughout that time period (they have let us know). I'm not sure how they get around this.

I have my concerns about methadone as I know they are still under the influence of a powerful drug and still not the happy, clear headed, self they once were.