Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Month for Boobies (o)(o)

How do you like that title? Spoken like a real man, right?

All of you ladies out there are sporting pink and making sure everyone knows what to do about getting that annual mammogram and doing self exams. 3 cheers for each of you.

Mom is very diligent about her awareness. HER SISTER IS A BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR!!! But sadly her mother and her aunts have all died from either breast cancer or ovarian cancer.

So, a message from all of us guys. Ladies, please do what you have to do to be aware and take care of yourself. Without those boobies we'd have to look you in the eyes when we talk to you.


clean and crazy said...

this is cute, thanks for raising the all too well known awareness. personally it makes me conflicted seeing all the pink. i KNOW it is important to raise awareness, but how many companies are just exploiting womens breasts, because boobs are popular!! if they weren't we would not have a restaurant chain dedicated to them.

and yet how appropriate is it to sell a bucket of chicken draped in pink? fried chicken is not a healthy thing. that is like putting a lung cancer ribbon on a box of ciggarettes. and then you have to read the fine print. most of these companies make the consumer, who thinks they just donated to the cancer research do more with out telling them. if they don't take that pink bucket and go online and register a tiny number on the side, then the cancer foundation does not get it's dime. yeah a lot of times the companies use us for marketing, i mean look in the store it looks like pepto bismol exploded on everything. if boobs didn't sell they wouldn't do it. and it is not an automatic donation.
and don't even get me started on barbie!! she looks like she is saying 'hey everybody, look at me i'm cancer barbie!! YAY cancer!!" she is all draped in pink and pretty and selling for cancer, but how much does she give to cancer and how good of an idea is it to put in our little girls head that it is pretty to have cancer. it is like she is saying look everyone needs cancer!! sick, sick sick...
i know the sentiment is there and it is a wonderful cause, but it is better to just give money straight to the cancer foundation than to the companies exploiting it.

i ask you why were there no blue ribbons out in september? hmm it was prostate cancer awareness month. one in 5 men get this disease, it is just as important to raise awareness yet no blue ribbons on the NFL, or in the stores.

ok ok i will get off my soapbox...sorry,

thanks for this you make me giggle

Barbara said...

I fell off my chair laughing at this: (.)(.)
I had my boobs squashed two weeks ago and am wondering why I haven't got the results yet. But yes, its very important.

I absolutely love what clean and crazy had to say because I have the same feelings about all the pink. Why does breast cancer get so much attention when there are other types that are just as bad or worse and happen to even more people.

Syd said...

Good points by all. I suppose it gets awareness because people got behind an awareness campaign. It just takes a few at the grass roots level to do something. Look what happened with Susan Komen.

Annette said...

Oh funny Ron! Great post and yes, to all my women friends.... take good care of the girls!

Her Big Sad said...

Loved this one! Made me laugh.... but it's important too. I have several friends who have had mastectomies. I make quilts for my friends who undergo chemo (they say they are cold during the chemo infusions).... And while I love to quilt, I am eager for the day that I am no longer making chemo quilts for any kind of cancer.

(And you, kind sir..... Make sure you get your PSA level checked and regular digital exams. What's good (beneficial) for the goose is equally good for the gander!!)

Brett Favree said...
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