Friday, October 22, 2010

Continuing Education

Nothing stays the same.

Have you heard of K2? It's the stuff that is sold in "head shops" and quickie marts as "incense". Many states are in the process of of banning this substance, Kansas has already banned it. But already there is a new version out called K3. Methodology of the product is it is actually being smoked like weed although the packaging does explicitly caution against using the product in this way.

The new one that is hitting the scene is "Bath Salts" . A common brand name is Ivory Wave. The active ingredient is MDPV and it provides a high similar to Ecstasy. This can be snorted and some even just use it as a bath salt and experience a high. Unfortunately people are dying using this "legal" product in the way it is not intended on the package. The UK has already banned this substance.

It amazes me how the people who manufacture and sell these types of materials always seem to take the high road by prominently posting on the package to use this material only in the way prescribed.

It is sad there is a few people with such a lack of humanity that they would profit on destroying humanity.


clean and crazy said...

wow i have never heard of either of these products. but this is rediculous!! i mean there is a head shop on the corner of harry and seneca in wichita kansas. they sell crack pipes. straight up crack pipes there is nothing else they can be used for and yet they are allowed to sell these products.

they have bongs and everything in there for dopers and no one does anything about it!!! it is appauling that you have people picketing a fricken doctors office with signs of dead babies and they promote the assassination of wonderful human beings who perform completely legal services, but they don't take one M.F. stand against a legalized dope house that probably led a lot of girls into getting pregnant and needing an abortion to begin with!!

what is wrong with our society?!? it is completely backwards!!

sydney said...

Ah but this is where the money is sadly... if there is a market for it, people will sell it. The only way to truly rid us of harmful products is to change the marketplace/demand for such products. Think of the largest legal industries within the United States... Pornography, Fire Arms, Alcohol, Rx Drugs and the Financial sector.. and of course oil... but thats a whole other topic... Point is, the United States has set a model that profits off of others vices. Invest in "sin" and you get a high return. Until people stop having a demand for these things people will continue to profit. So is it the general market (as a whole) that is to blame? Is it the consumer? Or is it the manufacturer and investors?

Syd said...

Supply and demand is what those businesses are about. I agree with Sydney on that.

Stacey5271 said...

My son started using K2 earlier this year. He still probably thinks it's OK since it's not illegal =(

He doesn't live here anymore =(

beachteacher said...

K-2 is big around here,Virginia Beach,...there was just a front page article on it in our local newspaper this past week. :( At least the reporter wrote an article to try and shed some light on this and provide facts about it's danger.

Tori said...

Never heard of this. I can't even keep up with it anymore. Oxi (smoking it) was the big thing next to Heroine over here. They think if they smoke it instead of shoot it up they aren't junkies. I guess oxi is harder to get now so Roxy is becoming bigger. Ecstasy is still really big too. It seems the kids you least expect to do it are. It is affecting the honor and gifted students more than ever before.