Monday, May 17, 2010

Interesting Distraction, Another Blog

Last year Mom was in a situation at work where she was on a list of people to possibly go to Thailand to train people for her company. After a lot of stress and worry by Mom about having to go to Thailand for 4 months she wound up not having to go. They ended up bringing 2 of them to the U.S. to train.

However, one of her programmer friends did have to go and train the Thai people in Bangkok. When he left he began a blog about his experience. Now with the riots in Bangkok between the government forces and the Red Shirts it is pretty interesting because the place he is staying is only 2 kilometers from the fighting.

If you want to read about his adventures here is a link: Travels In Thailand


Syd said...

Whew! Glad that Mom didn't have to go.

Heather's Mom said...

His blog is interesting - but all I keep thinking about is - thank God Mom didn't have to go!
God bless.

Anonymous said...

This has been really fun read Ron! Thank you for sharing it!

Gledwood said...

When I read "addict" and "Thailand" in the same glance ~~ forgive me for going white in the face and nearly falling over backwards! You would have had a fantastic time there, I'm sure. I'm sure you would have been fine, even with riots. They're confined to very small areas. I grew up just outside London when the IRA were bombing it in the 70s and 80s and we used to hear about Americans being too scared to come over. I was only ever in one bomb scare. And that was no more dramatic than a fire drill! But back to Thailand ~ not a place for an addict to come visiting... Being strategically placed just down from the infamous Golden Triangle and all... I don't know if you've ever seen that film Bangkok Hilton ~ Nicole Kidman acts out every tourist's worst nightmare, being unwittingly used as a "mule" in someone else's evil schemes. We watched it as students. I vividly remember the nauseated reaction to one scene where a prisoner does inject herself with heroin.

I had a real thing about Thailand some years ago and very nearly went. I learned enough Thai to have a vigorous argument with any cab driver or souvenir salesman over prices! And then I went to India (long story).

And then (back home) I got totally lost to drugs.

Back to Thailand: there is a famous detoxing place called Tham Krabok Monestary that is said to have a very high rate of success. I believe in Christianity so it's not a place I would consider, but it's said have worked remarkably for those who have tried it. More down to medicinal herbs than anything "Buddhist", I'm sure...

Coincidentally, I posted links to Bangkok Hilton on my random blog some weeks back:

where you can watch the whole film. It shows the other side of drugs, the side we hope to God nobody we care about ever gets involved in ~~ sitting in a South East Asian jail on death row!

Thailand is a beautiful country. The food is amazing. Some of the islands, e.g. Ko Phi Phi are supposed to be among the most spectacular in the world ...