Monday, November 2, 2009

A Letter In My E-Mail

On Sunday morning Mom and I were going to visit Alex at the El Dorado State Prison. His visiting hours were 8:30 in the morning. So we had to leave KC at 4am. After a 180 mile drive one way we found out he was not allowed visitor until his evaluation and assessment period was complete and that would be in 4-6 weeks. So turn around and return another 180 miles. I had read the visiting info online but it said nothing about that.

Before we left I checked my e-mail. Quite a coincidence but we received an e-mail at 2am and I checked it at 3:30. I printed the e-mail and took it with me to show Alex but that didn't work out.

I responded to the the sender with my own e-mail and I ask him if I could re-print his e-mail on this blog with his identity hidden. he graciously allowed his permission. I feel this is a powerful testimony that when they want to quit it can happen, just comes down to the "want to".

Mr. and Mrs. Grover-

My name is J. You guys don't know me, but I know you've seen me before, when I would drop Alex off at the end of the driveway on the street. I feel as if I owe you both a HUGE and heartfelt apology, because in a way, I helped your son feed his addiction while feeding my own at the same time. I am an addict. However, I have been clean since April, and in a way, your son inspired me to clean my act up. Whenever I would ditch school to pick him up in the afternoon to go get high, I saw what kind of lifestyle addiction leads to.

I first met Alex on Christmas Eve last year...I was with a mutual friend, and was just about to drop said mutual friend off, when he called and asked if we could pick him up. So we did, and that was the beginning of my, at the time, drug-friendship with Alex. Over the course of the next two or so months, I got to know him a bit more, and saw that if he could just clean up and straighten his life out, he could be successful. I sincerely hope Alex can overcome the evil demon of addiction, because it can be done, and that comes from first-hand experience. It is a difficult road, but it is worth it in the end. My parents felt the same way you guys did, and so I feel I can relate to you on so many fronts.

I discovered your blog just randomly poking around on facebook, and I'm not gonna lie I read the entire thing, and it was very eye-opening to see things from a parent's perspective. My constant prayers and support for you both, and Alex as well. I have faith that he can ultimately overcome this demon, and when he does, the relief you ALL will experience will be overwhelming.   

Wishing you the best, J


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Its amazing what they DON'T tell you on those websites about visiting hours, etc. I didn't realize you have such a long drive to visit Alex. Its only about 20 miles for me each way. Now I will be visiting Anthony and Keven in two separate jails.

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

Wow, how powerful is that email? What hope those words bring, what an outstanding young man to reach out to you both. I am very moved by this. I am sorry you had to drive so far just to be turned away, but so glad you received this email.

Chic Mama said...

Wow, what an email.
Thinking of you both.

Lou said...

FYI, they will not let you take articles, letters, emails, etc in with you when you visit.
You can mail your son a copy in a letter. I have sent copies of newspaper articles, emails, etc and sometimes they go through, and sometimes they don't.

Cheri said...

Wow, that is a beautiful letter! It sounds like some of the things our own son has said to his dad and me since he's been clean. He felt that he was the catalyst for several of his friends who used too. After talking to so many of the addicts going through rehab with my son, some who have stayed clean and some who have since relapsed, it truly does some down the the "want to." They have to want it, and we cannot "want it" enough to make it happen for them.

We posted something at Glass House yesterday that I think might be of encouragement to you. We also shared your blog for prayer purposes. I hope you'll drop by and read it:

God bless you all, and you are in our prayers,
Cheri and Wayne

Annette said...

Beautiful email. Thanks for sharing it with us. So there is hope?! There are success stories.

Midnitefyrfly said...

That must feel so good and give you so much hope! I am really glad that J was so compelled to share this with you.

Syd said...

I am glad that he wrote this and that you shared it.

Her Big Sad said...

Thanks for sharing this! That young man sounds very wise for his years.

It is so encouraging to hear from someone who beating this thing!

Brother Frankie said...