Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Please Give Me 18 Minutes

If you have an addict loved one in your home please take 18 minutes to watch this video.

If you have not heard of or know what the CRAFT approach can do to help you and your loved one then you need to set aside just a few minutes for this introduction.

For any of you that are at the end of your rope then change your approach.

Be sure to watch both chapters.

Getting an Addict into Treatment: The CRAFT Approach


Tori said...

I really hope people take the time to watch this. I love CRAFT and all it has taught me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ron, for posting the video about CRAFT as well as the other videos linked to it. I did take the time to watch them. Seeing people actually deal with their own tough situations gives me strength. As they say, a picture is better than a thousand words.


Anonymous said...

I thought the book getting your loved one sober was really geared towards living with an alcoholic. Almost all of the examples focused on married couples. The book was just okay to me. Alcoholism is so different from drug abuse.

I have watched and read much about CRAFT and the approach does make sense but like everything else it all comes down to the addict wanting to recover.

Amado Paulo Beltran said...

Thank you for sharing this video Ron. I hope my brother-in-law's sister will get through from drug addiction. My brother -in-law's family sent her to SOBA Mesa a drug rehabilatation center, but she is an outpatient there so her family could show their moral support on her.