Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ego Out Of Control

Today is my birthday and I know that all over the world there are celebrations and parties planned for this evening. To many this may feel this is a great reason for celebration but all I want for my birthday is for everyone to be wise and safe for today.

Please do not overindulge on my behalf.  Above all, please do not drink and drive.

Not to stress anyone out with those resolutions, that none of us intend to keep anyway; today let's look back on last year. Tomorrow we can look forward to a new year. Today think of something you are grateful for this past year and share it with two people. We should all end this year on a positive.

I am grateful my son has found recovery and maintained his recovery but that is stating the obvious.

I am grateful that I have happy and healthy children and grandchildren.

I am grateful for people that help others because none of us should be alone.


Topper said...

Happy birthday Ron. Today is my birthday too. Want you to know I have gotten a lot from your blog as I deal with my son's addiction. Keep spreading the message, no one should be alone.

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Ron. 2013 has been a hellish year for our family. However, I am grateful for (1) the lessons I've learned from the bad things that have happened, and (2) I am grateful that my daughter has come thru all the hardships and pain a stronger and clean person today.
Thank you..

Anonymous said...

happy birthday ron. your words have meant so much to me. this will be year 18 that we have been on this road from hell. the bends are getting tighter and the straight is getting narrower. our son has a dual addiction. I read many blogs, and continue to have hope.