Monday, November 4, 2013

Back To School

Going back to school to talk to more kids. This time it is Shawnee Mission South in Overland Park, KS. Like always, anyone that wishes to join me on Friday let me know. I'll make the arrangements. I have not been to SMS before. A whole new group to hear my story.

I always tell the teachers to be sure and invite parents. Sometimes they show up. It seems so more powerful when there are parents sitting there. One once told me she spent the whole hour holding back tears was scared to death about what can happen to a good kid.

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John Burns said...

It's great when people, like you, are willing to share their story and be open about things. It can help other parents and kids dealing with the same issues. A bit of that sense of isolation that can come from doing drugs/dealing with someone doing drugs can bring, is erased. Great going!