Friday, June 14, 2013

Urban Outfitters

On May 1st I posted about Urban Outfitters selling prescription drug themed merchandise and asking them to discontinue this line of products. I ask you all for help.

Here is a press release issued by Urban Outfitters about discontinuing this line of merchandise!!!

Thank you ALL for your help and letters.


Syd said...

Glad that they rethought their bad merchandizing. Sanjay's quote about painkillers is pretty alarming.

Ming said...

Yay... I shared my email message on that blog post and am very happy to hear this change of mind from Urban Outfitters. I plan to share the article on my fb post too, to show that one's voice can be heard! Victory!

On a side note, my heroin addicted son was arrested last week trying to sell schedule II narcotics to an undercover cop on a Drug Task Force Sting. He was doing it to get money to buy heroin.

He just got off probation two weeks ago, went to a doctor two weeks prior to that and got Soboxane as a preventative measure not to do heroin when probation ended.

Unfortunately, his effort was not successful and he's back in jail with the intent to distribute, and with his luck, the location of the bust was probably just within 1000 feet of a Drug Free School Zone...

Nonetheless, I am happy that UO reconsidered and removed this merchandise.

Tori said...

Even my addict son was disgusted with them. I am so glad they removed it.

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