Tuesday, August 14, 2012

CORRECTION!!! The World is Such a Small Place

When I looked at the profile for Ifrah from her comment the location said Benin. My mistake, I assumed that is where she is from. Today I received an e-mail from Ifrah. She said she didn't know how or why it says Benin. She is actually from Pakistan. Here is her e-mail reprinted. Addiction and Parents of Addicts exist all over the world. :-(

I am Ifrah from blog izdiher

First of all thanks a billion for writing post about me and my comment I left on your blog.

I am not from Benin. I also don't know where benin is. LOLDisappointed smile

 It was a mistake. Actually I never saw my profile. So thanks  again for letting me correct it.  Just image everyone will be thinking I am from there. 

 Hope you correct that post too.

And for comment : 
It is very very sad how we treat addicts in Pakistan, so I wrote that from this context as well.  We throw them out mostly here. If someone is from poor background then that addict life is more mess. Rehab centers are just one or two in big cities. Rich peep send their kids to USA and other foreign countries. In Karachi (my city) you can se lots of drug addicts under bridges, lying there and wasting their life.

May God saves everyone from this mess.

God bless you


I was reading comments on posts and came upon this person. Often I click on the commenters profile to see and learn more about the people that read this blog. So many read and never comment and that is OK. But my natural curiosity compels me to know more about the people that read this blog and why.

The person that made a comment, " It's sad how we treat addicts." was from Benin. I'm sorry but I had no idea where in the world Benin is, even what continent. Thank you Google Earth.

We are all just alike. We want a little joy in each day. We want peace and we all struggle at times with life. No matter if you live in the heartland of the US or in a coastal city in Benin. Still so much for this dad to learn about the world and its peoples. Thank you Izdiher for my lesson today.

Izdiher works with kids making paper flags, her dad watches the Olympics and wants his country to, "my father says, man, can't you bring one stone for us" Sounds so familiar are we that different. Izdiher is Muslim, it is Ramadan, what is real life for someone that is a different religion that most people here in KC, read and learn.

Take time to explore the world. Aren't we lucky to have this technology!


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♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Thanks you sooooooooo much.
God bless you.

P/s: I send you one mail on your teamplayer@aol.com id.