Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Have you read all the comments from my last post? If not then you should. I figured there might be a couple people put something up but look at all those words. Almost speechless, but those of you that know me would never never say I have experienced a speechless moment in my life.

Last week I lost my cousin who was my age. He was my best man in my wedding. He suffered for many years from mental illness. He choked at lunch and could not be revived by any of the nurses or doctors at his side. Darlene's explanation was that he saw peace on the other side and stayed there.

Bath crashers is going well. We didn't get it completely done in two days but it is functional. Only things left are sanding some sheet rock, trim and paint. Mom is using it now and she is VERY happy. When we get all the way done I will post pictures. For those that can't wait there are pictures of  "in process" on my Facebook page.

A friend of mine has a daughter graduating from Embry-Riddle University this week with her aeronautical engineering degree. She really will be a ROCKET SCIENTIST. He is happy and proud. He deserves it. She is the first with a college degree. I know his feeling because our own daughter was a "first" too.

It is spring, the sun is shining and I NEED a road trip on the bike. I thinking about riding to Kentucky and doing the "Bourbon Run" All down around Louisville and Lexington. Anyone have a different suggestion? Or, anyone in that area that want to meet up for coffee? (or, I can call for bail money?  lol)


Syd said...

Nice suggestion, Ron, on the words. Sounds like a good road trip to get into Kentucky. If you yearn for the beach, come on down.

Dad and Mom said...

Syd, Darlene is considering a trip to Charleston and Savannah for our Fall vacation. Maybe then?

Annette said...

All those words.... That was a bittersweet thing to see. I am thinking of some kind of collage with all those words. If I ever really do it, I will send you a picture.

Barbara said...

Those words were very moving...there's a pattern there for sure, but each also a unique individual.

I have an idea - why don't all of us bloggers join you for your Fall Festival this year so we can meet each other and have some good food :)
(we are invited right???)

Cathy | Treatment Talk said...

Hi Ron,

So sorry to hear about your cousin. It is always hard to lose someone close. Your bike trip sounds fun. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

My condolences on the death of your cousin.